Frequently Asked Questions
We do strive our best to make sure your graphics come out great.  20 years of producing graphics
says it all, However, you need to help us out and look over your proofs close.  So, please please look
over your proofs thoroughly

Prices are website only.   Phone orders please note there is a 20% add on fee.   This helps us with the
extra man hours for phone time.

Let us know if you any changes are needed just email what you would like changed.  If it is good send us
an “okay to print”.  Once printed WE DO NOT reprint or refund if you miss mistakes.

RRD provides 2 proofs for free.  $10 per thereafter.  Custom logo drawing and design is charged at $45 per hour.

If your parents decided to spell your name different from the normal
spelling PLEASE note it in the special instruction box.  Also make sure you double check it on your proof!!!

ALL of you kits are designed, printed, cut and ship by us.  We DO NOT have a third party overseas printer making our stuff. BUY USA!!

Rush Orders:  Rush service is available for $35.00.  We try to get orders out as fast as possible however
during busy times it is first come first serve.  $35.00 could put you at the front of the line $100 will definitely get
you to the front. Please remember these are custom printed not just plucked from a shelf.  It does take time, so if you
have a race coming up please plan ahead.

Fluorescent and metallic prints: Bright orange, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow and chromes are done on a different process then our normal printers.  This machine does produce bright colors and metallics, however it is a sign printer and the print quality was made for signs and to be seen from a distance,  so if you are picky and like to look at your bike close up this may not be for you. Also note Fluorescent colors have a short life span.

Motorcycle graphics are not a car wrap.  They do not cover the whole plastic. 

I have sponsors that I need on my graphics?
Just email us a list of sponsors you need on your graphics. If
you have some that we do not have a logo on file email us their logo in a vector format (ie: .pdf, .cdr or .ai). If they do not have a logo we can do
simple lettering for you. We can redraw logos at a rate of $45.00 per hour. You can email a local sponsor logo
to  Do that after you place the order so we can attach it to your work order.

When do you charge my credit card?  As soon as we start the artwork your card is charged.  No artwork is
started until payment is received. Artwork does take time and once work begins there are no refunds.

What do you need to know about my bike? We need year, make and model. Let us know if you have modified
the plastic or updated the year of the plastic. Also let us know if you have changed the color of the plastic.  Also
let use know if you updated the plastic to a new version. 

How fast can I get my decals? Generally we can turn them around in 1 to 2 days for printed number plates.
Shrouds will 3 to 4 days depending on the artwork and approval times. The quicker you respond back to our
emails the faster we can get your decals shipped. Full kits take up to a week.

Do you have discounts for teams? Yes we do offer discounts for teams. Call for specific details

Rider Support? Yes we do offer racer support. However we are very picky. We do not sponsor everyone that
asks. We are looking for the fastest racer in their region and good sales people. If you have been riding the C
class for past 6 years you need not apply. Remember a sponsored riders job is to get their buddies to buy products 
at full price.  Otherwise companies like us can not discount your kit.   Our riders are required to run RRD as the
biggest logo on the bike and sell 5 kits to your buddies.

Can you do whole matching kits? Yes we can design a matching kit for you. We go all the way from fork guards
to rear fender.

What if I have a problem with my decals? Yes, we do make mistakes, hopefully not often. Rusk Racing stands
behind its work. We take pride in our quality and craftsmanship. If you are not satisfied with our product, please call
us so we can correct the problem.

Are dealer programs available? Yes. Please contact us for dealer service and pricing.

How best to contact us?  Either email, call or text  (970)759-0411

We do take phone orders however prices in the website are for web orders only.

These are custom printed decals that are printed one off.  Sometimes there are small blems.  We do look them over and if the
blem is too big or apparent we do reprint.  However, if it is something small we will let that go.  Remember these are dirt bikes
and they will be scratched up the first time you ride.  We do offer kits with guaranteed no blems the cost on these is substantially
more (contact us to request pricing).  Please remember this is to keep our prices down and not waste world resources.

Why should I choose Rusk Racing over all the other companies? We pride ourselves on customer service and a fast turn
around. We are racers building graphics for racers for 16 years we know what works and what doesn't. We search for the best materials
available and we are always looking for better materials. When we do find a better material we don't wait for next years production
we make the changes right then and there. We will try our hardest to keep our prices the most competitive in business because we know
how expensive racing can be.

Legalities:  We realize that in the sport of motocross everyone has sponsors. Most motocross companies have many sponsored riders
through sites such and By listing sponsors in the special instruction box you affirm that you have the rights
to use that company logo.

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